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The First Years of Your Career

Welcome to Our 2013-2014 School Year

edit_f2  You have arrived at the DDSB support site for the New Teacher Induction Progam.  The NTIP Steering Committee and your Area Committees would like to extend our warmest welcome to Durham and to congratulate you on the beginning of your journey in education.

This site works in conjunction with the Durham NTIP portal site where you will find the resources needed for Durham employees.  This site is desigend as a central resource position.  From Durham NTIP you can access many of the resources you need as a new teacher.




NTIP Conference - Building the Engaging Classroom

NTIP teachers in years 1 and 2 are invited to share and learn from their experiencesd this year at what promises to be a fantastic conference.

Register on PD Place

NTIP Conference Poster 

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  Check Out Our DDSB NTIP Mentors!!


 NTIP 2012 Conference

NTIP Conference Flyer

Thank you to all of the NTIP delegates who attended our 2012 NTIP Conference - Challenge (In)Equity.  Over 140 New Teachers and Mentors attended the conference and had the opportunity to challenge their own ideas and assumptions about their classrooms and their learning community.

New Handbooks Available!!

Hot off the presses the New Durham NTIP 2012 - 2013 handbooks are here!  They are a welath of resources, ideas, as well as contact information to support your first years as a new teacher. 

Please go to the Administrator, Teacher, or Mentor homes to find these great new resources.




Embedding Equity

DDSB is pleased to make the following resource available to its Administrators and Teachers.  Research and years of educational experience indicate that a number of elements contribute to effective school and classroom climates – auditory and visual cues; an inclusive balance of co-curricular activities; seamless linkages between curricular and co-curricular learning; authentic reflection and representation of diverse communities; and, context-driven activities that relate local action to global understanding of 21st century content.  

In their ongoing cycle of school improvement planning that supports community, culture and caring in respectful working and learning environments, schools grapple with how to build, evaluate and continuously enhance school/workplace culture.

This reflective, audit tool will enable school staff to analyze existing school climate in terms of standard, foundational equity-related indicators. The tool supports the school improvement planning process by enabling staff to identify current strengths and gaps in establishing respectful school/workplace climates and, subsequently,  identifying goals that would advance inclusion.

























Embedding Equity Resource 



NTIP - In Action

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